Teamwork... From The Team That Works!!
  • We are confident that our work ethic, our individual backgrounds in helping people, and our long-time connections within the community will be significant benefits when working for you and with you to sell your home.
  • We have over ninety-five (95) years of combined knowledge of the local community.
  • We have extensive networks as a result of our previous careers in education, financial services and municipal politics.
  • We are a team of four to ensure the best possible coverage for our clients throughout the selling process.
  • We will place your home on the bi-weekly Brighton house tours or on the Trenton house tours if applicable.  These tours expose your property to other real estate representatives in attendance.
  • Jacquie has established positive relationships with many Trenton agents as a result of her previous experience as a real estate representative in Trenton.
  • We will use all advertising methods to market your property including print, electronic and social media.
  • The Jacquie & Chris Team represents Stalwood Homes in Orchard Gate Estates which enhances our contact with potential buyers considering Brighton for their next home.
  • We commit to communicating with you after every showing so that we can adjust strategies as required. 

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